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MOVIES ANYWHERE brings your favorite movies into one collection, to watch on your favorite devices wherever you go. 

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Earn up to 45 Sony Rewards points when you purchase an eligible digital movie or enter a digital code from an eligible disc insert through MOVIES ANYWHERE.**

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Now, eligible purchases made through MOVIES ANYWHERE count toward your Movie Buff Pass. Just buy eligible digital movies or enter your digital code found on disc inserts for 5 eligible movies through MOVIES ANYWHERE.


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"Anyone But You"

Digital | 4K UHD | Blu-ray

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"Gran Turismo"

Digital | 4K UHD | Blu-ray

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"Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse"

Digital | 4K UHD | Blu-ray

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Connect your digital retailer accounts and MOVIES ANYWHERE will create one synced collection of your favorite movies. It's collecting made easy.

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No matter where you are or where you go, MOVIES ANYWHERE will make sure your favorite movies are with you.


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*MOVIES ANYWHERE and SONY REWARDS accounts required. MOVIES ANYWHERE is open to U.S. residents 13+.  Sony Rewards is open to U.S. residents 16+. Points are awarded for purchases made after your Sony Rewards and MOVIES ANYWHERE accounts have been successfully linked. Once you click link account with MOVIES ANYWHERE on Sony Rewards, you will be redirected to MOVIES ANYWHERE to complete the linking process.

**Sony Rewards Members (“Member”) can earn Sony Rewards points (“Points”) for certain purchases of eligible DVD/Blu-ray Disc movies and eligible digital movies (“Eligible Movies”) through MOVIES ANYWHERE, by (i) registering with MOVIES ANYWHERE, (ii) successfully linking the Member’s Sony Rewards account to their MOVIES ANYWHERE account, and (iii) then, while logged into MOVIES ANYWHERE, purchasing an Eligible Movie digitally from a participating digital retailer or entering the digital code found on the eligible disc insert.  In addition to earning Points, if, after you unlock Sony Rewards’ Movie Buff Pass, you register 5 Eligible Movies as indicated above under the same Sony Rewards account within a 1 year time frame, you will be eligible for a free eligible digital code to be redeemed through MOVIES ANYWHERE. For terms and conditions for Sony Rewards, including MOVIES ANYWHERE registration and the Movie Buff Pass, visit .  A complete list of Eligible Movies can be found on the MOVIES ANYWHERE website at: MOVIES ANYWHERE and YOUR MOVIES, TOGETHER AT LAST are trademarks of Movies Anywhere, LLC. © 2022 Movies Anywhere.