Sony account: One account for select Sony Group services

You can access several participating Sony Group services with just one account. Once you create a Sony account, just sign-in to any participating Sony Group service with this account.

You no longer need to manage your core account information separately at each Sony Group service.

The core account information is comprised of the following:

-  Sign-in ID (email address)

-  Password

-  Name

-  Gender

-  Language

-  Date of Birth

-  Country/Region

-  Residential Address

-  Phone Number

-  Security Question and Answer


Participating Services*:

PlayStation™ Network                      Sony Electronics            

PlayStation™Plus                                Sony Community                                                                                                                       


Sony Electronics                                 Sony Rewards

Sony Community                                 Sony Rewards


* Service availability may vary depending on the country/region.


What if I’m an existing Sony Rewards member with an account linked to PlayStation™ Network, but the email addresses for both accounts are different?

When you sign-in to Sony Rewards, enter your existing Sony Rewards email address. You will be notified that you are linked to a Sony account for PlayStation Network with a different email address.

You will then be prompted to enter the email address of your Sony account for PlayStation Network. Then you will be prompted to enter the password you use to sign-in to PlayStationNetwork. After a successful sign-in using your PlayStation Network credentials, these credentials will be used moving forward for your Sony account to access both Sony Rewards and the PlayStation Network.


How do you get a Sony account?

If you do not have an account for any of the participating Sony Group services, just sign- up at any of these services to create your Sony account.


Your existing account can be upgraded to a Sony account

If you already have an account for PlayStation Network, it is your Sony account. For other participating Sony Group services, you may already have a Sony account or may have already upgraded to a Sony account. Simply follow the prompts when you sign-in to the Sony Group service.

If you already have a Sony Rewards account and do not have an account with the other participating Sony Group services listed above then your Sony Rewards account will become your Sony account.


How do you use your Sony account to access other participating Sony Group services?

If you already have a Sony account, sign-in to any participating Sony Group service with the sign-in ID and password for your Sony account. The first time you sign-in for each Sony Group service, you will need to accept the privacy policy for the specific service.

The core account information of your existing Sony account is shared with the Sony Group service you’re signing into and you do not need to enter these again.


Which Sony Company controls your Sony account?

The Sony Group service you are accessing will continue to control your account for that service (and any data collected when you use that service) in accordance with its privacy policy. If you wish to exercise any privacy rights you may have in relation to a particular Sony Group service, you should contact the specific Sony Group service responsible – see the service’s privacy policy for contact details.

The Sony Rewards privacy policy can be accessed here:

For any Sony Rewards related questions, please visit the contact us page here:


How do you close your Sony account?

To delete your Sony Rewards account, log into the website and go to the My account section. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click Delete My Sony Rewards Account, and follow the steps on the screen. You can also delete your Sony Rewards account in the mobile app by logging in and going to the Profile section. Tap Helpful Information, then tap Delete My Sony Rewards Account and follow the steps on the screen.

For Sony Rewards account closure information please visit our terms & conditions here: