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Create a new Rocketmiles account and be sure to link this to your Sony Rewards e-mail address to receive your points.


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Book at over 400,000 properties around the world


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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to create a Rocketmiles account?

In order to earn Sony Rewards points and book travel through Rocketmiles you will need to establish an account using your Sony Rewards account credentials. Once created, account information will be saved to make future bookings easier.

Why should I link my Rocketmiles and Sony Rewards accounts?

To make sure you receive your points with every booking you must link your Sony Rewards account to your Rocketmiles account at checkout. To link your account, enter the email address associated with your Sony Rewards account and provide your first and last name.

How do I make sure that I am earning Sony Rewards points for my hotel stays?

To ensure you're receiving your points, make sure you link your Sony Rewards and Rocketmiles accounts during the checkout process. Within a few days of checkout, Rocketmiles will confirm the stay has been completed and send the reward to your Sony Rewards account for posting. Sony Rewards will post these rewards within 2 weeks. assuming the name and number on the account entered are valid and match. You can view the status of all your rewards by logging into your Sony Rewards account.

Who do I contact about my reservation, Rocketmiles or the hotel?

Modification requests such as cancellations or changes must always be through Rocketmiles, as they are the only party authorized to make such changes and adjustments. You should contact the hotel directly with questions about hotel services (parking, spa, etc.) or for directions, or to notify them that you are running late for check-in (generally after 6pm).